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Foreign economic transactions


 The "Sapsan" company is a professional service company in foreign transactions field. Having brunches both in Russia and China, we offer following services for supporting export-import transactions:

1. Products and manufacturers search
We can search for manufacturers of products required and hold preliminary talks about basic contract terms: price, quality, delivery time, payment and delivery terms, etc.

2. Certification of manufacturers .
This service includes a comprehensive assessment of production capabilities on-site. Our experts are ready to go almost every place in China and make a qualified report about specified manufacturer.

3. Negotiations and signing of contract.
We negotiate with suppliers and seek inclusion in the contract terms favorable to you, and monitor the implementation of the contract after it's signed.

4. Production process control.
Our expert visits a factory and controls the manufacturing process within agreed time. After the inspection finished, the report is provided.

5. Quality control and loading.
As soon as the batch is produced, our specialist goes to the distributor's warehouse and check the quality and quantity of order, also controls the vehicle loading.

6. Providing export documents.
If required, our company can provide export documents and customs declaration in China.

7. Shipping and customs clearance.
Our company organizes delivery of goods to Beneficiary's country. If the recipient is located in Russia, we can also provide customs clearance and delivery directly to client's final destination.

8. Representation of your company in China.
Entrusting tracking of your transactions to "Sapsan" company, you get a reliable partner that protects your interests in China.

9. Provide the importing company for FEA.
If the recipient is not a registered participant of foreign economic activity, we can provide a company that submits goods to customs clearance using its own importing rights.

As a result of cooperation with our company, you save your time and money, increasing the efficiency of your business. You can minimize the chain of foreign trade transactions, just trust your product to our delivery and get this product in Russia for rubles. We fully carry out search for products, terms of delivery negotiations, concluding of the contract, monitor its execution, delivery and customs clearance, delivering you from all risks and losses.

For our clients we offer:

• Foreign trade consulting services
• Negotiations with suppliers
• Trade agreements conclusion
• Preliminary analysis and deal scheme elaboration
• Remittances
• Cargo Insurance
• Goods delivery to the client's warehouse
• Applying for certificates and other permits
• Going though all customs formalities
• Transferring goods to the client under the supply agreement