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Transactions securing

Our company - "Sapsan" - is situated in Shanghai. One of major activities of our company is to ensure the safety of foreign trade transactions. Acting as an intermediary between the Chinese manufacturing companies and our customers, we take all financial risks and ensure fulfilment of all obligations from the manufacturer side, like quality of goods and delivery time, as well as taking responsibility for agreements violation.

Foreign companies often face difficulties in dealing with Chinese manufacturers. Sometimes it even takes place that the partner organization is a fake company.

Having worked a long period of time in China, our company has accumulated huge experience in ensuring of transactions security. We know perfectly well how to work with Chinese manufacturers. We check the reliability of the companies and monitor the quality of products, order deadlines, paper work, and provide full-service legal support.

Our company acts as a bridge between Chinese manufacturers and our customers, eliminating the language barrier and allowing to affect suppliers promptly.

Working with Chinese suppliers, you get the benefit in cooperation with our company from easy and quick solution of all your problems. Clients come into contact only with us, and we complete all the tasks.

Working with us you can be sure in the successful results of your commercial transactions!

Sapsan company, Ltd.