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Representative office in China

  • If you start to develop business with China
  • you have new partners in China
  • You have orders with Chinese manufacturers :


In all these cases, to obtain effective results you need to establish more closer relationship with partner of China. Frequent and long trips to China for a long time can knock you out of the normal daily time table, and altough the support a representation office with staff in China is too expensive, especially at first stage. In this situation, the best solution is to find a representative office or agent.

Our team of professionals with experience in cooperation with Chinese enterprises and  foreign economic activity, offers to you this services  -representation of your company in China.


Being constantly in this country, we can :

  • provide continuous interaction with your partners;
  • watch with your agreement for deadline and quality;
  • solve current problems in a time and effective.
  • As a representative of your company, we will promote your business, to seek new suppliers,  realize new ideas, issues of cost reduction.