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Quality control

We offer inspections of products at stages of pre-production and before finish of load.


Supply chain audit

  1. production control
  2. pre-Shipment Inspection
  3. inspection of containerisation
  4. certification of export and import of products
  5. laboratory test
  6. cost of inspections


 Supply chain audit

Audit supply chains to evaluate supplier performance on your order. This service involves a technical audit of the facility provider to test its ability to be bound by a particular order and fulfill the requirements of the client. The volume of services ranging from a single visit to the facility prior to the implementation of full-scale evaluation of the supplier and the control scheme.

The purpose of this service is to identify the supplier's ability to perform the design work and complete the production in accordance with customer requirements, which are based either on the law or the regulations. The audit may be conducted on the scheme proposed by the client. An audit includes examining the project, the production process and quality assurance programs, and systems of control of materials, milestones and stages of production of the final testing of finished products. Use of equipment for non-destructive testing method and test its calibration are also often stage audit the supply chain.



Pre-Shipment Inspection:


Pre-shipment inspection involves detailed inspection of equipment or materials when production will be finished, but before shipment. Inspection includes quality and quantity control, checking packaging and labeling and although a control of loading.


The final product selective control  :

The purpose of the complex selective pre-shipment inspection, based on the internationally acclaimed sampling procedure is the quality ensurense, quantity and packaging of the finished product specifications wich specified in the contract.

Pre-shipment inspection allows our customers to be confident that the goods arrive at the destination, meets the  ordered requirements by the customer.

According your inquiry , our experienced professional will check the factory or product on your instructions, we will prepare a comprehensive report with photos by way of report.

In case of problems with the quality of the goods we will make sorting and carry out negotiations about quality improvement.



Inspection of containerisation

Our experts help you inspect the container loading corresponded to the packing list.

In most cases, the dissatisfaction of buyer is a poor quality of the product and loss of merchantability or significant damage incurred during the sloppy product loading. The presence of an inspector during the loading significantly reduces mechanical damage of the packaging and the product itself, also it`s quite the possibility of mechanical damage.


Inspection of loading includes the following types of work: 

  •  Checking the number of packed boxes and labeling for conform with contract specifications.
  •  Check the appearance of the goods and packaging.
  •  Supervise correct loading and unloading operations.
  •  Checking the shipping documents.


Wrong prepared shipping documents leads to difficulties in customs clearance and additional financial cost.

Control of loading allows our clients to ensure compliance with specifications.

Certification of export and import of products:

Most CIS countries allow new products for its market, in case that the product meets the national or international safety standards. To prove compliance with these standards, as a rule, require product testing certification by an independent accredited or authorized agency. Moreover, in many cases, the customs authorities for import into the country or economic area requires proper certification.

We will help you to prepare certificates for organizations with the necessary accreditation to provide certification services in the CIS.


Laboratory test

 If you have any issues with the quality of industrial and consumer products, as well as the need to verify that the finished product approved model, we can arrange for laboratory testing with the issuance of the document.

Types of laboratory tests:

  1.  Tests on the security parameters
  2.  Analysis of the chemical composition
  3.  Non-destructive testing:
  4.  X-ray analysis of materials
  5. Ultrasonic flaw detection


The cost of the production inspection and loading -  300$ per day + overhead charge.

We also offer services to consolidate products from different suppliers  in the port storage before shipment.