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The main services of the "Sapsan"company 




                       Description of Services


Maintaining transaction 

This package of service provides the ability to commit foreign trade operations in China without a experience in foreign trade and optimizing your costs to a minimum. Service adapted for work with individual entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large industrial and commercial companies.

The service includes:

  1. search for suppliers
  2. certification of producers
  3. negotiate and sign contracts on the conditions of our clients
  4. quality control of the product
  5. consolidation of cargo and clearance for export
  6. Shipping by sea and rail
  7. customs clearance in Russia
  8. certification and cargo insurance
  9. implementation of international financial transactions
  10. Work with complaints.

5% of the price of the goods DDP, but not less than $ 1,500

The purchase organization 

  1. This service provides for the purchase of goods in China for delivery in Russia.
  2. The service includes:
  3. search for suppliers
  4. certification of producers
  5. negotiate and sign contracts on the terms of our clients
  6. quality control of the finished product
  7. consolidation of cargo and clearance for export
  8. Work with complaints.

5% of the FOB price of the goods but not less than $ 1,000

Selection of the optimal commercial offer

This service allows a customer quickly and at the lowest cost to obtain information about the cost of goods and delivery from the manufacturer in China.

We provide the following information:

  1. choose the supplier with the highest quality and most convenient delivery
  2. advise on the optimal organization of the production process in China and how to save on production
  3. if necessary, obtain samples and evaluate the quality
  4. The client is required to provide detailed characteristics of essential products, or to provide photos of samples, as well as specify the planned order quantity.

from  300$/1 position

certification of manufacturers

The service eliminates the financial risks in transactions with unscrupulous suppliers and prevent the transfer of money for that company.

The report on the evaluation of production will help the client independently and objectively assess the level of the work culture of the manufacturer and save yourself from rash decisions. Certification will reveal whether your provider by what it claims to whether he is able to provide the necessary quality.

In addition, certification minimizes the risks associated with the legitimacy of signed legal documents. This is of fundamental importance to the protection of the rights of the client.

Certification scheme:

  1. General information about the company audited
  2. Supply history and existing customers
  3. Range and characteristics of products
  4. Manufacturing facilities, equipment condition
  5. The main suppliers of raw materials
  6. Quality control system.

from $ 300

A virtual  exhibition 


Our company's specialists will visit the exhibition (or hold talks) on behalf of clients to highlight the event and get the information, catalogs, price lists, discuss the details of the planned transaction.

Client is provided with a detailed report with the results of a visit or meeting.

from  250$ for 1-day, 150$ for each next

Translator-consultant on FEA

Quick and effective negotiations with the Chinese manufacturers are possible with a deep understanding of the parties, as well as knowledge of the characteristics of Chinese business ethics. Business visits to China accompanied by certified translators-сonsultants of FEA will allow you to feel confident in the negotiations and better bring information to Chinese partners.

Our experts:

 This is a certified translators Union of Russia and China's own level of native speakers

have real-world experience to resolve difficult conflicts.

from $ 110 for 8 hours, $ 160 - more than 8 and up to 12 hours

Sending goods from major sea ports of China:


  1. Canton (Guangzhou),
  2. Zhongshan (Zhongshan),
  3. Shingan (Xinggang),
  4. Ningbo (Ningbo),
  5. Xiamen (Xiamen),
  6. Tianjin (Tianjin),
  7. Foshan (Foshan),
  8. Huangpu (Huangpu),
  9. Tsingtao (Qingdao),
  10. Shanghai (Shanghai),
  11. Shenzhen (Shenzhen),
  12. Hong Kong (HongKong)