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Manufacturers certification

In the process of gathering information on the individual manufacturer and your individual requirements, we will prepare a full report about any company to help you understand in the next questions:


  • The level of technological and industrial equipment of company
  •  Staff experience and qualifications in equipment work
  •  The responsilble of Chinese manufacturer for the quality and production time
  • Financial stability of the enterprise
  • Manufacturers interested in receiving orders
  • China's position on the market
  • Competitive ability of producer


As a result, we will give you a report on you interesting companies with all applications and documents :


1)Technical evaluation of the production:

  • existing equipment and technology
  • existing certificates
  • compliance with industry and international quality standards
  • staff qualifications
  • depreciation of production equipment
  •  Special used for the Chinese equipment tools and raw materials for the equipment 


2)Financial evaluation of the Chinese manufacturer:

  • registration, general information about the production and description of company structure
  • general and other field of activity and products for export
  • analysis of the financial indicators and the overall condition of the company
  • competitors of the production in China and the history of cooperation with foreign companies



Have this information, you'll reduce the risks to a minimum the cooperation with a new manufacturer.