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Hygiene certificate

Sanitary-epidemiological certificate or health certificate confirms the hygienic safety of products after the hygienic (epidemiological) assessment of issuance of sanitary-epidemiological conclusions.

On 1 July of 2010 have been canceled Rospotrebnadzor sanitary-epidemiological conclusions.

Instead of these documents are now issued registration certificates (certificate of state registration). Customs Union Commission Decision of 18.06.2010 № 299 approved the list of goods subject to state registration.

Certificate of registration issued by the state of the finished product after the tests and procedure of state registration in Rospotrebnadzor.

Certificate of state. Registration can be designed as the recipient (the importing company), and the manufacturer. When registering for the importing company, the applicant must submit the following documents: a copy of the contract, a copy of the constituent documents, a file with detailed information about the product (scope, composition) and applied for. Period of issuance of the certificate of state registration of the submission of the applicant is not more than twenty-one working day.

To obtain a certificate of registration for a foreign manufacturer is required to provide a slightly different set of documentation: the application for the work, a description of the goods, the quality certificate of the country of the manufacturer.