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Fire Safety Certificate

Fire Certification (Order of Ministry of Emergency Situations of 18.06.2003 N 312) is made by issuing a written certification attesting conformity of the object with fire safety (fire safety certificate), established in the regulations.

Legislative basis of conformity with fire safety requirements for mandatory certification in System legislative and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, state standards, fire codes, health rules and regulations, building codes, rules, public services and other documents in accordance Russian law establish mandatory requirements for fire safety and product quality.

In accordance with the Federal Law "On Fire" and the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of November 9, 2001 N 1309 "On improvement of public administration in the field of fire safety" approved list of products subject to compulsory certification in the field of fire safety (MES order of 8 July 2002 N 320-cm. section "Regulatory Documents", "Orders").


The list includes:

  1.  means for fire safety
  2. substances and materials
  3. constructions and products
  4. electrical devices and electrical devices
  5. apparatus teplogeneriruyuschi.

On the basis of paragraph 1 of Art. 6 "Law on the certification of products and services," the mandatory component of the certificate of conformity for electrical products subject to mandatory certification in the field of fire safety, a fire safety certificate.