"Vector Trade Limited"

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Cargo delivery from China


Our company provides a full range of services related to cargo delivery from China to the client's final destination. We carry out purchasing of goods, cargo consolidation from different suppliers into our warehouse, defining the most optimal way of product shipment, preparing all necessary export documents in China and customs clearance in Russia, so customer receives ready product in his city. We undertake all work duties at various stages of delivery, and the Client only needs to pay for goods purchased in China in rubles, without opening a passport of foreign trade transactions.

One of the main advantages of working with our company is optimization of your costs for purchase and goods delivery. You pay us one time and we gain profit only once, taking a commission for one batch shipment. Working independently, without intermediary, you run the risk of transferring a money for the goods to foreign dealer in another country, and pay for  shipping to transport companies and for clearance to customs broker in Russia by yourself, in this case, from all the companies you pay for each gets its own fee. Having cooperation with us, you just pay for the delivery service of required goods.