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Declaration of conformity GOST

Declaration of Conformity (abbreviated dc) - a document in which the manufacturer certifies that the delivered products meet their regulatory requirements.

Declaration of conformity and certification - is the form of conformity of products and services quality standards. Procedure declaration does not differ from product certification, the only difference - it forms, which are issued a declaration of conformity (dc) and certificates

Certificate of compliance (cc) is made on a special form, and for the declaration of conformity (dc) to determine the form has not been established. Manufacturer himself make a declaration of conformity (dc) and then records the declaration (dc) at an accredited certification authority.

Legislative acts of the Russian Federation established nomenclature, conformity can be confirmed by the declaration of conformity (dc). That is, if a product is reflected in the nomenclature, it is imperative that design conformity declaration (dc). The basis for the registration of the declaration of conformity (dc) are the following documents: reports of laboratory tests.