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Customs clearance

of cargo and goods imported from China

Customs clearance of goods is the most difficult part in organizing imported goods delivery to Russia. For quick and effective customs clearance work of various government departments and commercial organizations must be coordinated: the certification center, banks, notaries, customs, transport companies, warehouse of temporary storage (WTS), customs broker, phytosanitary and veterinary services, the accounting department of the company.

"Sapsan" company acts as interlink that provides consistent and efficient operation of all organizations involved in the process for quick and proper customs clearance. We ensure compliance with all statutory formalities that arise with movement of goods and vehicles across the customs border.

We offer the following services for customs clearance:

  • selecting of the HS codes for products;
  • calculation of customs value and customs duties for goods;
  • export customs clearance in China;
  • selection of the customs terminal according optimal conditions of storage and customs clearance;
  • minimization of costs for customs clearance;
  • customs clearance in the city of Nakhodka Port East, Vladivostok (trading and fishing port);
  • preparation of a full package of documents required for customs clearance of goods;
  • certification of goods and collecting of all required permits.

Our experts will help you avoid mistakes and losses starting from the stage of primary documents preparation. You can consult us about current legislation and all the nuances we have studied during practice in the field of customs.

Customs formalities are performing immediately on goods arrival at the port. Thus, any delays in customs clearance of your goods are excluded.