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Certificate of conformity GOST

Certificate (abbreviated cc, cert) - a document issued by the rules of a certification system to verify compliance with the requirements of certified products, applicable standards and regulations (GOST, GOST, IEC, ISO, etc.). The presence of the certificate (cc) helps customers in a competent choice of products and a certain guarantee of its good quality.


There are several main certification schemes:

Schemes № 3, For "production" or "at the manufacturer" (issued for a period of 1 to 3 years depending on the product, test results, the state of production and other factors)

Schemes № 2, 7: "the contract" (№ 2) - made for products imported by parties within a certain period, usually 1 year or for a specific agreement (contract) number, "the Party" (№ 7)

Scheme number nine - the simplified scheme for single product samples or small parties. In this case, the certificate (cc) is issued based on the Declaration of Conformity (dc), accompanied by the documents certifying conformity of production (which may be test, the certificate (cc) is a quality system according to ISO 9001). Tests in this case is not provided.