"Vector Trade Limited"

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Air Transportation

We offer the following services for the organization of cargo transportation from China:

  • consolidation of cargo in a warehouse in Shanghai;
  • packing, re-packing of goods;
  • customs clearance in China;
  • customs clearance in Russia;
  • delivery to any city in Russia;
  • sending goods without customer (Air delivery of goods from door to door);
  • Air delivery from China to Russia takes 3 to 10 days (including customs clearance), deliver any cargo from 1 kg.


This method is used to transport goods that require compressed shipping methods.
Air transportation on a regular basis in any of the international airports in the Russian Federation, CIS countries and Europe.
In organizing air transportation we use:

  • regular passenger service that allows you to quickly send a small shipment.
  • flights operated by cargo planes, which is necessary for air transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.